Empowering Entrepreneurs


We invest early stage seed capital into innovative product ideas and people to take them to the next level.

We have in-house corpus of 8 Cr. We help you connecting with investors for further rounds of funding.

We invest in early stage startup with the maximum stake of 26%.

How it works?

All investment opportunities go through the following process:

  • 1. Initial qualification by the 111 Startups investment committee.
    This step may involve email exchanges, or a phone call / video chat / in-person meeting depending on the nature of the opportunity.
  • 2. Pitch meeting.
     The company presents to 111 Startups members who are interested in learning more about the opportunity.
  • 3. Due diligence
    If a members are interested in investing in the company, we would coordinate the due diligence process, focusing on the key questions identified by the members.
  • 4. Terms discussion and closing
    If all goes well, the investing members would proceed to discuss investment terms with the company and work towards closing the transaction individually. If the company has already received a term sheet from a lead investor by this time, the members would often choose to invest under the same terms.
  • 5. Information rights letter
    The company grants information rights to the 111 Startups team such that the group can forward management updates to the members who have invested in the company.

If you have an idea, a clear vision, passionate people and just stuck at funds?? Please send a summary to jump@111startups.com.

Startup funding ecosystem valuations


7 Musts for an investor pitch deck

  • 1. A perfect elevator pitch
  • 2. Market Research
  • 3. Business Model
  • 4. Financial Growth Plan
  • 5. The Ask
  • 6. Your Team
  • 7. Your Passion and enthusiasm

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