Empowering Entrepreneurs


Intrinsically, humans get the highest level of satisfaction in ‘Giving’, sharing! It’s in the nature. And Entrepreneurs are special contributors.

Experienced entrepreneurs and industry technocrat who wish to serve the higher purpose of life and give back to the startup ecosystem, contributes by mentoring and guiding the aspiring entrepreneurs share their expertise, skills and knowledge to help startups.

We facilitate and connect entrepreneurs with the mentors which suit the exact need of the startups. The startups and mentors are arranged for 1 on 1 interaction.

Why Mentoring at 111 Startups?

Mentors help startups strengthen their ventures through strategic advice, domain expertise and network access. If you are a sectoral or functional expert, you could immensely help a budding entrepreneur overcome challenges that they may be facing in their entrepreneurial journey. Join us in helping our entrepreneurs solve a hard problem!

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