Why starting up?

What are you missing by not being an Entrepreneur?

‘Self-employment’ – this is an amazing feeling. Many of us want to be our own boss but how many of us have the audacity to even take the step towards our dream. Frankly, only a handful of people are courageous enough to do so. The reason is quite obvious; we are scared of the failure. Unfortunately, many of us fail to look at the success that lies beyond hurdles.

Following are the ways that would differentiate the life of a salaried person from that of an entrepreneur.

Motivation to go to office? – Every day is a mission!

“The two most important days of life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”. – Mark Twain

Every human being on this planet serves a purpose; a definite one. Life is a struggle till you realize why you are here. The moment you do, life becomes a mission.

A mission gives you direction; a motive to DO and to work. Those days are gone when we used to work only for basic requirements; that is food, clothing and shelter. Today, the purpose of work has changed. People have started following their passions, they have started thinking big and they have started believing in the power of their dreams. They have come out of mediocrity and have realized the fact that they are the most advanced creation of nature.

Entrepreneurs are aware of their mission; to create, to deliver, to solve market problems and to satisfy a specific need of a particular segment. They are aware that they have to create world class products or services, which will help people to make their life a bit easier, a bit faster, a bit smoother, a bit comfortable, a bit luxurious, and a bit worthier.

Since they are aware of their contributions, this drives them. It gives direction to their everyday thoughts and energies, and channelizes them in a single direction; towards his vision. They are motivated to explore their potential to the maximum, and are self driven to work harder and passionately for themselves and for others. Such people work to attain satisfaction and not only to meet the basic requirements of life.

Self help

Entrepreneurs are an independent souls who knows how to start, how to survive, how to grow, how to learn, how to move, how to fight back and how to succeed in the long run. They are an initiator, leader, who knows how to lead their life and help others with the same. They are not dependent on someone for their bread; except their customers to whom they serve. They value objective of the work: to serve their customers.

They are independent about their thoughts, ideas, and plans and know how to execute them. Their life is not dependent on external factors. They are dependent on their own ‘self’, and believe in their choices, their potential, their skills, their knowledge and their destiny.

Growth matters


The growth is not only monetary, but is also the growth of people in terms of attitudes, skills, knowledge and strength to handle the business dynamism. Entrepreneurs’ growth is in their hands, their level of thoughts, their dreams, and ultimately in their efforts. Entrepreneurs on this planet itself have a net worth in billion dollars.

Work satisfaction Vs Money

Money is a by-product of business. ‘Work’, on the other hand, has the supremacy as it gives you satisfaction. The lowest motivation to work is money, higher is satisfaction. Workers work only for wages, employees work for salaries, culture and some perks, but entrepreneurs work for higher objectives, which gives them satisfaction.

Entrepreneurs are hard working as they work for passion. They don’t work 9-5 as they value work, they own it, and they are responsible for it. They don’t see it as a source of bread; rather they see it as a source of butter, cheese, jam and much more. They get satisfaction when their customers, their employees, their investors and other stakeholders are satisfied. Entrepreneurs, in this process, become the ‘hub’ of satisfaction.


Freedom, a birthright of every human, is enjoyed most by entrepreneurs. Freedom of thoughts, freedom to ideas, freedom of time, a freedom of money, freedom of communications, freedom of planning, freedom of management and the list goes on. As they have valued their FREE WILL, and have chosen to be their own boss, they enjoy the freedom to live!


Only change is constant. This line is legit in our lives as well. We need to constantly learn new things and keep changing ourselves as per the requirement. A similar rule applies to businesses as well. Entrepreneurs need to change themselves in order to survive and grow.

They need to bring in change irrespective of their liking in order to meet the demand of their venture. It is, in this process, an entrepreneur gets a chance to grow personally, professionally, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. They get a chance to learn a lot while they are developing their venture.

Business and pleasure!

We all want to enjoy our life but how many of us actually do? Honestly, handful of us. This is as sometimes we don’t give it a thought, and when we do, we either don’t have money or time or enthusiasm to do it. To enjoy a life, one needs a perfect blend of time, enthusiasm and money.

This might sound difficult to a full time employee, but an entrepreneur takes complete advantage of his/her resources. For the initial years, till the time the business is set, they might struggle. However, once all the system is in place, they have leader in their organization, and have created an experienced and promising team; entrepreneurs are free to enjoy their life.

Meetings and Learning

The environment shapes your thoughts and eventually your personalities. You are the average of the five people with whom you spend your most of the time. The reason why very few people are successful is because they wisely choose their surroundings.

Entrepreneurs meet many good and successful people, regularly. They form an orbit of successful people around them that later influences their thoughts and actions. You can learn a lot from the people you meet. The entrepreneurs’ actual job is to create a likeminded community who believes in their vision.

Decision of “Decisions”…


The reason why human beings are the most advanced species is because of the power of choices we have. We design our lives through the choices we make and the decisions we take. Same is the case with organizations. Organizations can’t take decision and surely isn’t capable of tackling any business challenge on its own.

It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur and the management. Ultimately, they are the key people who would decide and design the life of an organization. The power of choices is the biggest power which will shape the journey of an organization.

An entrepreneur experiences this power at every stages, choice of products/services, choice of people (co-founder, team, partners, associates, and investors), choice of investments, and choice of expansion. He/she also learns a lot from the outcomes of these choices and the impact of right or wrong choices on the business.

Change the world

“The people who are crazy enough who thinks that they can change the world are ones who do”. – Steve Jobs

The world is constantly changing and evolving. Entrepreneurs, through their ideas identify some problems, needs, loophole, gap where people are expecting some change and solutions. By creating products/services that would solve these problems, satisfying these needs and bridging these gaps, they are actually contributing in the process of ‘CHANGE’.

Nobody has changed the world and nobody can, but together everyone can make this world a better place to live for the present and for future generations as well. Being an entrepreneur, they can also contribute in the GDP and economy at large for their country’s growth.

Life and purpose

As they say, ‘The highest purpose of life is to give’. Social goals are always significant in the wheel of life. Throughout our life, we take a lot from society and we owe it back to society. While other are barely able to meet their social goals, entrepreneurs, on the other hand, give back with interest in the form of products/services, employment, investing the money in growth, optimally utilizing the resources and most of it.

Many entrepreneurs, through their inspiration and work culture, produce more entrepreneurs; which in return magnify the social contribution. Many companies contribute through their CSR activities and other social events.

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